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People wishing women, “Happy women’s day” . What? A Day? Do you really think dedicating a day for us can in any way do justice to the amount of effort, blood and sweat we “women” put in making yours lives what they are today,what we go through in raising all you nasty boys, putting in human genes in you and transforming you into fine men, train you to be strong and confident yet physically and emotionally support you when you fail?
It would be really great if we, at least I should be reminded everyday “HAPPY WOMEN’S WORLD”, now all the men reading this post. I’m in no way mean or imply that I am bashing men..yes i am a feminist and that too by choice not by birth. But being a feminist does not mean that i love bashing men and think that i am superior to them, On the other hand, with all the right intentions want to establish that it is all due to all the wonderful men in my life that today I stand strong and perfect and have the ability to face and accept the challenges of life and this cruel world.

Be it my father, who never treated me lesser than a son, or even better..

Be it my husband who supports me in whatever I do and treat me as his equal or even better..

Be it my “men” friends who willingly accept that world is a better place just because we women exist in it..

May be it is easier for me to establish such a thing since I am blessed, but there are some really unfortunate women who are bashed by their own fathers, brother and sons. But all I want to say that women within themselves are such strong beings that they do not really need anyone to support them, it is just that they need to realise their own potential and stand strong..
Sooo, lets not limit ourselves to just one DAY.. the world is ours
HAPPY WOMEN’S WORLD to all the lovely ladies out there..
Cheers 🙂



Ok, Ive finally accepted the fact that I don’t need to iron my jeans before wearing it,
I will be made fun of if I wear a dupatta on a T-shirt,
if I wear joggers on shalwar kameez i will be labelled as “paindoo”
When I say Assalam o Alaikum, half of the youngsters i know, will say “hi” in reply and continue their conversation with me in urdu believing that i might not be well-acquainted with the use of angrezi 🙂

But I cannot scratch my past and roots from my being, i cannot be ashamed of the fact that my clothes used to smell of sufi soap instead of DKNY 🙂

Half of my childhood is spent making weird sounds while sipping tea from the saucer and playing khokho with my cousins wearing hawaai chappal instead of cat-walking in jimmy choos in dolmen mall at the age of 13

Every eid, after proudly smashing the gullak to the floor, ive treated my cousins to paanch rupai ki theliwali coke instead of lunch at cafe aylanto

My tongue is used to the taste of the finest pani puris and bun-kababs from burns road and my stomach is completely resistant to the so-called unhygienic kachra 🙂

No, I am not ashamed of it and will never be…




“This is what happens when determined women get together” says Sharmeen Obaid while delivering the most powerful speech at the 88th Academy Awards .Despite being continuously criticized for portraying a negative image of Pakistan, the lady bagged her second Oscar award, standing confident and unshakeable. Quite an inspiration for all the women out there.

The lady recently inspired me as well, when I attended one of her most motivational sessions at the Karachi Literature festival (KLF2016), where upon being asked by the interviewer that  There are people who feel she presents a negative image of Pakistan in her work, how does she feels about it? The lady came up with a very prompt and powerful response, that is etched in my mind and heart which was ” Negativity hai to negativity dikhati hun, negativity khatam kardo , negativity nahi dikhaungi” . That is where the reality struck me, the lady is absolutely right, she is portraying what is true, what really happens. She feels that it is important to address issues instead of running away from them, and that the first step is to accept that we have faults just like every other country.

It is very shameful to say, but the acid victims whose lives are completely destroyed and are struggling for survival , are done by the hands of their very families residing in Pakistan .The girls killed in the name of honor are shot by their own fathers, who feel pride in killing their girls , also belong to Pakistan. There are no foreign hands involved in such heinous acts. So why not change our negativity in positivity, which this courageous lady is trying to do through her documentaries. In fact, her Oscar winning documentary ” A girl in the river” is getting Pakistan to reconsider laws killing daughters, a change which is very much required to protect the girls in the rural areas of our country. So, instead of negatively criticizing our heroes, let’s celebrate them.